Star developer diary

Star developer diary

About Star

Star is an hobby game developed by me for the purpose of improving my game development skills with OpenGL and C++. It's using the SDL library.

It's an arcade game where the player controls a spaceship and dodges incoming asteroids on its way to Earth. The latest playable version can be found in my portfolio.

Star sees the light of day

FeaturesPosted by Marie Wed, April 25, 2012 21:13:56
I've been working with Star on and off for a few months now.

It started with the gameplay mechanics. When I got something fun that I liked, I started to think and make a priority list of what I needed to add in order for the game to feel like a real game:

  • Sound
  • Menus
  • Intro
  • Pausable
  • Win/loose condition
  • Instructions
  • Credits
  • Make the asteroids rotate

I'ts all been implemented now.

The reason music had not been added before was because I wanted everything in the game to be a product of mine. After speaking to a friend who thought I should just copy everything that is not part of my skill in order to make the game as polished as possible, I changed my mind.

I finally found the music from hours of going through trance mixes on Youtube. My requirements was not to hear anyone singing as well as having different pace in each song. The higher the level in the game, the faster the stones move and the faster paced music will be played.

I've added the artists in the game's credits. Hopefully they won't mind, and if they do, I'll remove their work instantly. I hope they see it as a compliment and way to spread their music.

The graphics are at least made by me. I'm really proud of the backgrounds that I made with a few tips from Photoshop tutorials:

Fill in only if you are not real

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