Star developer diary

Star developer diary

About Star

Star is an hobby game developed by me for the purpose of improving my game development skills with OpenGL and C++. It's using the SDL library.

It's an arcade game where the player controls a spaceship and dodges incoming asteroids on its way to Earth. The latest playable version can be found in my portfolio.

New graphics by Lorenzo

GeneralPosted by Marie Wed, April 25, 2012 21:25:46
I asked some colleagues to playtest my game in order to make sure:
  • It has the same speed on their computers
  • It doesn't crash nor miss some DLL library

What I did notice was that the Debug version works fine, but the Release has a problem in that 64-bit operating systems need the 64-bit version of some DLL's in order to work (the 32-bit version was not good enough). I haven't found any easy way to solve it yet. In most cases the operating system already has the right version, so for now I'm solving it by including the DLL's in the distribution along with some troubleshooting instructions.

Another thing that did happen however, was one of my colleagues, the graphics artist Lorenzo, wanting to improve my 'coder graphics' and offering to remake some textures. I happily accepted the offer and new gfx are in the works. So far, a new ship, logo and force field icons have been made. Great job by Lorenzo, who is now also included in the credits.